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Technical specifications

The Valex I pad:

  • is manufactured with stress and wear resistant synthetic elastomer;

  • fully incorporates a special steel plate which makes the pad transversally rigid, consequently, even in the most extreme operating conditions, the pad does not misplace laterally;

  • is not damaged by oil, grease, ozone and by the exposure to ultra-violet rays;

  • reduces significantly noise and vibrations;

  • greatly reduces load concentrations and fatigue stress;

  • eliminates uneven contacts between rails and the support structure;

  • protects the crane mechanical components and reduces the wear of wheels, bearings and axles

Technical and physical specifications of the elastomer:
  • Hardness: 75° +/-5 Shore A Din 53505
  • Tensile strength: 16 N/ mmq Din 53505
  • Extension: 300% Din 53505
  • Permanent deformation: 5% (max.) A 23°C
  • Working temperature: -30° to 130° C
  • Noise reduction: 10% DbA
  • Vibration reduction: among 40 et 45%
  • Ultimate tensile stress: 120 Kg/cm2
  • Lengths available: 6/12 m
Assembling instructions:
Before laying the pad, the supporting area shall be clean and free of oil, grease and every jut or unevenness, which could damage the pad.

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